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Amber Sung was born in Los Angeles, CA, then spent her childhood in Taipei and adolescence in Shanghai. She graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York. She enjoys drawing everyday objects and showing their unknown side, Amber believes everyday objects around us are filled with intelligence! She works primarily in gouache+color pencils and digital paintings. Japanese natto is her favorite food.
​我畫身邊的小東西們 Everything in the world is filled with intelligence, even the everyday objects!
2020 "A Day At The Park: My 1st Seek & Find Book" - written by Laura Bullock.
2020 “牛津英語大師教孩子看圖學單字”- written by 路易思楊淑如
2021 “中學生的第一本寫作素養書:從好好寫字到好好寫作的26堂課”- written by 梅子老師
2022 "孩子的第一本英文拼讀書“-written by 路易思楊淑如
2023 "圖解用跟讀法學英文“-written by Shirley Wu
Line Stickers:
2014- “十二小夥伴 Twelve Buddies"
2017-”雞大佬-歡度新年Boss Chicken- Happy Chinese New Year“
2018-“醜醜水滴魚-Ugly Blobfish“
2020-“H5點就玩-神經貓回來了 Crazycat is coming back.“
2021-“羅漢魚巴哈-實用篇 Bach the Rajah Cichlasoma“
2021-“H5點就玩-山海有小玥,貼圖玩妖獸!Maxinechi is coming.“

2022-香港文創薈「萬聖節」主題電繪創作比賽 -銀獎
2022-iJungle Illustration Awards- Merit Award
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